Here's a list of some of our current committees:

Christian Education Committee

Elder Representative/Chairman: Roger Campbell


Deneen Campbell

Primary Contacts: Roger Campbell

Purpose: To review the curriculum in all aspects of the teaching ministries of the church (i.e. Sunday School, Children's Church, Pioneer Club, Youth Ministry). Teacher workshops and seminars for training shall be encouraged as well as attendance at Synod and Presbytery retreats and conferences. Promotion of Sunday School classes and events will be given to the congregation as well as encouragement to participation (It is usually in the context of Sunday School where relationships are built and maintained).

Outreach Committee

Elder Representative/Chairman: Chris Ostwalt


Primary Contacts: Chris Ostwalt

Purpose: To promote means and opportunities for evangelism, alerting the Diaconate of benevolence needs, making the ministry of New Perth ARP visible in the community (various media), hosting seasonal events designed to draw in the community, and establishing a system for welcoming visitors, receiving information and follow up contacts.

Worship Committee

Elder Representative/Chairman: Dan Hazen

Secretary: Phyllis Edmiston

Primary Contacts: Buddy Nash, Phyllis Edmiston

Purpose: To evaluate services of worship as to their biblical foundations and conformity to the ARP Directory of Public Worship, to communicate with the Session ideas for changes, enhancements, or times for special services. They will also work with the choir director and other leadership participants in structuring and planning worship services.

New Perth Commemerative Plate