Our Mission

The following is taken from the Form of Government for the ARP Church.


1. The mission of the Church is a mission of witness and ministry. Christ called the people of the Church “witnesses.” Paul saw God as giving gifts to equip the Church’s people for the work of ministry.

2. All that the Church says and does is to be a witness to Jesus Christ, God’s living Word, as He is spoken of in the Holy Scriptures, God’s written Word. God has sent His Church into the world that the Church will present Jesus Christ through preaching, witnessing, teaching, sacrament, worship and both individual and corporate Christian living and action. All of the Church’s people in every phase of their living are to be God’s ministers to the world by being servants of his Son, the King of the Church.

3. God the Father has given the Holy Spirit through Christ to the world to reveal and to make the ministry of the Church effective.

4. The message of the Church’s ministry is the message of reconciliation. Through the varieties of its ministry, the Church is to bear witness that “…God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself…” (2 Corinthians 5:19) to the end that all people might be reconciled both to God and to one another.

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