Get to Know Our Church...

New Perth ARP is an evangelical church in the reformed tradition. By evangelical, we simply mean "characterized by the Gospel". The Gospel of Jesus Christ--that message of faith and repentance; grace and salvation--is central to who we are and expressed in everything we do. By reformed, we mean that we have a rich theological tradition based solely upon God's Word, yet summarized and explained by the Westminster Confession of Faith.

We are a Presbyterian church. This means that we believe the Bible teaches that the church should be governed by elders (known as presbyters) who are called of God, and recognized and duly elected by the church. Elders make up the session, which oversees and governs a particular church. The pastors are called teaching elders, and the ruling elders are ordained laymen, as seen in Acts 20 and Titus 1. Elders from the particular churches in a geographic area make up a presbytery.

New Perth is a warm congregation where families of all stages of life feel right at home. A member of the spiritual community of Troutman, we love our community and participate in many outreaches and local ministries. Our worship is traditional in style, yet full of joy and love for the Lord.

If you are in search of a church that...

  • Upholds the absolute authority of the Word of God
  • Preaches Christ as our only hope and comfort in this life or the next
  • Lives by the life-giving power of the Holy Spirit
  • Glorifies God as the soveriegn Ruler of the universe

Then we hope you will join us for worship, or Contact us if you have any further questions. Blessings!

Welcome to New Perth